Spain, France and Portugal accelerate energy tie-up and limit hydrogen to get EU funds

Spain, Portugal and France stepped on the accelerator after agreeing on a formula to send power from the Iberian Peninsula to the rest of Europe. The three countries intend to submit the project to the European Union by December 15 to receive a call for cross-border projects of common interest, according to government sources.

Pedro Sánchez, Emmanuel Macron and Antonio Costa will meet in Alicante this Friday with European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen ahead of a summit of Mediterranean countries to present details of the project, which was initially opposed by France.

The three countries intend for the EU to finance up to 50% of the pipeline, which will eventually only transport hydrogen and not gas, according to official sources, who explain that Brussels is demanding a new pipeline. projects. However, these sources do not rule out that in the future improvements will be made and gas will be included in this energy connection. The meeting is likely to finalize details such as funding, cost sharing and the duration of this project.

Although it accelerated the so-called Presentation of H2 Med, the government predicts that it will not be operational until 2030, so it does not serve the current energy crisis.

Source: El Diario





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