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Citroën C5 Aircross will launch a less powerful and more affordable hybrid engine

The largest SUV currently sold by Citroën, the C5 Aircross, will now be available in a 180 hp hybrid version, not just the 225 hp version that was on sale until now. With this initiative, the Chevron brand brings electrification to a larger percentage of the population, as the model is available for €255 per month.

this system turn on join The 180 hp already known from other models in the Stellantis group adds a 150 hp PureTech gasoline engine and another 81.2 kW electric motor, which are combined with an ë-EAT8 automatic transmission. The battery with a capacity of 12.4 kWh provides a range of 55 kilometers in the WLTP cycle exclusively in electric mode.

The ë-Save function allows the user to preserve electric autonomy in order to use it when necessary, for example when driving in low emission zones. Specifically, enough energy can be reserved for 10 km, 20 km or whatever the battery provides in each case. these kilometers Zero emissions They are the ones who authorize the coveted badge of the Director General of Traffic at 0.

A full charge of the battery requires 3.8 hours at the 3.7 kW power point and 1.9 hours if the 7.4 kW power point is used and a connector with the same characteristics is available.

The C5 Aircross comes on the market in two finishes: the Feel Pack and the C-Series, a special edition that Citroën launches for much of its range and which is usually updated every year. 225 HP version of the same model. The plug-in hybrid system, proof of which you can read at this link, can also be connected to higher levels of equipment called Shine and Shine Pack.

We remind you that this year the French Jeep released a new generation, which is distinguished by a very differentiated design. Its front receives a more vertical and structural structure that enhances its character and in which the chevrons gain prominence, becoming independent – so to speak – of the daylight and reigning in the center of the new radiator grille.

This element can be customized in gloss black or aluminum tone. The light signature has changed and now has deeper headlights and a darker background. The air intake gives the car a wider look and at the same time improves aerodynamics, while the new lower protective plate of the bumper enhances the integrity and becomes another element of personalization.

Inside, ergonomics and comfort prevailed. A new 10-inch touchscreen appears to float above the dashboard, while the climate control knobs are raised so that the cabin temperature can be adjusted without taking your eyes off the road.

The same safety objective has been sought in the configuration of the fully adjustable 12.3-inch digital instrument panel, which places essential information and data always within the driver’s field of vision and the new gear selector. Electronic switching Exclusive for plug-in hybrid variants.

Comfort comes first

Citroën Advanced Comfort seats also undergo a generation leap to bring them closer to the already installed C4 and C5 X models. They combine high-density foam in the center of the seat and a foam top layer 15 millimeters thick. The front parts can be heated and have a massage function to make the journey more pleasant.

The commitment to total comfort, a hallmark of the French brand since its inception, can be seen in the suspension with progressive hydraulic shock absorbers, an exclusive Citroën technology that improves the quality of filtering road imperfections and offers comfort to the driver and passengers. which is usually on cue The flying carpet effect.

When it comes to modularity, the new model can boast a trunk volume of up to 600 liters and individual, sliding, folding and collapsible rear seats.

As we expected from the beginning, the new C5 Aircross is available on financing for €255 per month in 56 installments, with an entry fee of €12,296 and a final payment of €21,676. For those who prefer to buy without financing, the car is priced at €38,741 with the Feel Pack complete, which can be reduced later with the help of the Moves III plan. Citroën has yet to say how much the C-Series version will cost.

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