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Testing the Citroën C5 Aircross Hybrid: a plug-in hybrid in full maturity

Four years have passed since the release of the Citroën C5 Aircross, a model that has so far recorded an amazing trajectory with sales of around 25,000 units in our country. Currently, about 40% of this supply corresponds to the plug-in hybrid version, or hybrid, which we have chosen for this test, in which we are going to assess how much progress the car has made since the recent update. was the subject.

To begin with, we list the changes received, mostly aesthetic, but also related to the equipment, and which give a more solid appearance thanks to the inclusion of straighter lines – until now rounded features prevailed – and the type of construction. which Citroën calls a “ladder” that extends the car’s image.

At the front, the lower air intakes are now open and functional in the sense that they help improve aerodynamic flow. The color of its inserts helps perception premium Thanks to the use of bright or anodized tones such as gloss black or dark chrome, the C5 Aircross and the main air intake in the center closely resemble the C4 and the new C5 X.

Inside, the larger, debuting (depending on version, of course) 10-inch touchscreen that seems to float above the dashboard, immersing travelers in a more modern atmosphere. Ergonomics have been improved for the driver, who has the air conditioning controls in a higher position than before, so they have to take their eyes off the road less. The air vents are located below the screen and, like the exterior aesthetics, are characterized by a more horizontal and linear design.

The center console features new black leather-effect fabric trim, which is trimmed with chrome trim. In versions with an automatic gearbox, such as the one the Hybrid is necessarily fitted to, you can especially enjoy a more ergonomic distribution of controls, including the e-Toggle gearbox, drive mode selector and accessories. , which allows you to select the driving mode (electric, hybrid or sport). The console includes a large storage compartment that integrates the entire connectivity area with two USB ports and a wireless charger.

The C5 Aircross also features a new generation of Advanced Comfort seats that combine high-density foam in the center of the seat, a 15-millimeter foam top layer and a specific construction. Very comfortable in our opinion, they also maintain performance consistently over time using a type of foam that does not deform with use, according to the French brand. The front seats can now be heated and massaged.

As it makes no sense to change something that works well, the suspension equipped with progressive hydraulic shock absorbers remains in the new model, an exclusive Citroën development that improves the quality of filtering road imperfections and offers more comfort to passengers. Reinforced laminated front windows with acoustic insulation.

With these braids, we are dealing with a medium-sized SUV that, above all, seeks the maximum level of comfort for passengers, always starting – in the case of Citroën – from the principle that the suspension is smooth and soft. More comfortable than firmness, which of course can be discussed. If the client or user agrees with this, of course, this is a good option for him.

The French model has three individual rear seats, which, in addition, are sliding, folding and collapsible. Depending on the position of the rear seats more or less forward, the trunk volume varies from 580 to 720 liters in the thermal version and from 460 to 600 liters in the plug-in hybrid.

The latter has 225 hp, which is the sum of 180 hp of its thermal engine and 80 kW of electric motor, which is powered by a 13.2 kWh battery, which gives it 55 kilometers of autonomy in the WLTP cycle without emissions, in addition to the ecological label 0 emissions. In real-life driving, the car can drive about 40 km in the city in electric mode before charging it again from the grid.

Frequent stops for refueling

After the battery runs out, reappears A relatively heavy SUV (1845 kilograms), whose gasoline engine is now completely responsible for moving the vehicle. In our experience, average consumption can be around 7.5L/100km when driving at a moderate pace, dropping to 6.5L on the highway when we focus on efficiency and easily exceeding 8L if we’re revving. funny.

As a result of these records and the 43-liter fuel tank, we find ourselves with a total autonomy that hardly reaches 500 km, which forces us to stop to refuel a little more often than is desirable in a car with a gasoline engine. burning .

For the rest, the C5 Aircross is characterized by great smoothness and driving silence, for speeding around town and pampering passengers in Citroën style when it comes to comfort. Added to this is the passenger compartment, which is not only spacious, but also modular and very practical, which is the result of the brand’s extensive experience in the production of minibuses. Also a starting price of 40,370 euros, which is one of the lowest among plug-in hybrids compared to the French SUV.

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