Electric Peugeot 308 will exceed the autonomy of 400 kilometers

A little earlier than expected, Peugeot has released the most relevant data that defines the new 100% electric version of the 308, which will hit the market in 2023 and will be available in both a five-door version and a family body. or Station Wagon (SW). The model will have 156 horsepower and a range of more than 400 kilometers, and its SW variant can boast of being the first all-electric family produced by the European brand.

Currently on sale with thermal and plug-in hybrid engines with 180 and 225 hp, the 308 debuts with a 115 kW or 156 hp electric motor and 260 Nm of torque, as is typical of battery-powered vehicles. And connected to it we find a gearbox designed to maximize autonomy while providing a smooth yet energetic response.

The new generation 400 volt high voltage battery has a capacity of 54 kWh (51 kWh usable) and features a new chemical composition of 80% nickel, 10% manganese and 10% cobalt. Its autonomy is estimated at more than 400 km according to the WLTP cycle, although final approval is still pending.

Efficiency was one of the main focuses of Peugeot e-308 and e-308 SW engineers, as a combination of efforts in terms of engine, battery, aerodynamics, weight optimization and reduction of frictional losses. It is possible to achieve a very low average energy consumption: 12.7 kWh per 100 km, which is a benchmark among 100% electric vehicles in the C segment.

The French brand specifies that special work was done on the optimization of the front and lower parts, in the case of aerodynamics, and that the use of the EMP2 platform of the Stellantis group was necessary to reduce the weight of the car. In addition, the use of Class A tires reduces friction losses and contributes to improved efficiency.

For the most efficient management of energy consumption, the user can choose three different driving modes (Eco, Normal and Sport) and also – thanks to the Brake function – increase the deceleration when lifting the foot from the accelerator, thereby forcing: to recover as much energy as possible.

The e-308 incorporates a three-phase on-board charger included as standard equipment with a capacity of 11 kW. It accepts all charging modes and at a 100 kW public charging point, the car’s battery level goes from 20% to 80% in less than 25 minutes.

The design of the new version of the 308 is at the same time rooted in Peugeot’s DNA as a dynamic and high-end reference world, explains the manufacturer in a statement where it collects all these details of the car. An elongated front bonnet improves its silhouette, the volumes are “sensual and sharp”, says the Lion Brand – and the brand’s new logo is proudly displayed in the center of the grille.

At the front, the daytime running lights design in the form of windows frame the Matrix Led headlights, which we assume will only be available as an option, while the taillights again feature LED lights with three claws on each. From the pilots..

Aerodynamics and specific wheels

A new 18-inch aluminum wheel design has been specially developed for the 308 and 308 SW 100% electric versions. Its aerodynamic efficiency is specially pampered to optimize performance.

In terms of technology, the e-308 has the latest generation of driver assistance systems. Among them is the adaptive cruise control function Stop and goLong-range blind spot monitoring (75 meters) and rear cross-traffic alert, which detects potential hazards when backing up.

How else would it be, here is the famous Peugeot i-Cockpit, known for its compact and heated steering wheel, 10-inch central touchscreen and fully adjustable and configurable 3D digital combination.

A lot of emphasis was placed on the cabin, where we find i-switch Configurable virtual seats and connectivity that includes connected services and a full infotainment system.

Depending on the country where they are sold, the e-308 and e-308 SW can be purchased online on the brand’s website. Customers will be able to trade in an old car, buy a new one and finance it smartphone, tablet or computer. In addition, they will have at their disposal services such as the MyPeugeot application for mobile phones, which connects to the car and allows remote programming of charging or activation of thermal preconditioning.

In the absence of more specific details about the range, Peugeot says the new model will be available in two trim levels, Allure and GT. The exact launch date, next year, is also still unknown.

Source: El Diario





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