Citroën C4 X, “sui generis” sedan that will give more air to the Villaverde plant

Citroën has just unveiled the appearance and key features of the new C4 X, a model that will be manufactured exclusively at the Villaverde plant in Madrid, both in the electric version and with combustion engines. Aesthetically, it combines the silhouette Fast back With some SUVs in the air and a constant four-door feature, the closet type, which is especially popular in the Middle East and Africa markets, is mostly based on the new model.

Based on the famous C4 and ë-C4, which are also produced in Villaverde, the C4 X rises to 4.60 meters to give preference to the wheelbase and, consequently, the rear space, in addition to the luggage capacity of 510 liters. In the case of its battery version, or the ë-C4 X, it will be the only electric model to offer this combination of cabin design, comfort and accommodation in a compact market, as well as the ideal car for VTC drivers and for a taxi or driver. According to Citroën itself, companies.

In countries considered mature for this purpose, the French brand intends to sell the car only in the electric version, including the Scandinavian countries, Germany, the United Kingdom and neighboring Portugal. In Spain it will be available from the end of the year – production starts in the fall – in both variants, clean electric and equipped with gasoline and diesel engines.

The ë-C4 X incorporates the already familiar drive system in the Stellantis Group, which adds a 100 kW or 136 CV electric motor and a 50 kWh battery, giving it WLTP cycle autonomy of 360 km and a guaranteed eight years or 160,000 km. The car accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 9.5 seconds in sport mode and has regenerative braking to partially charge the battery and provide some engine power.

The new Citroën model covers the space between the C4 and the recently introduced C5 X. From the latter gets a new generation information-entertainment system MyCitroën Drive Plus, connected to a 10-inch central screen that can be personalized through the system. Widgets Similar to cell phones and tablets. A digital voice assistant, equipped with natural language, is activated by command Hello Citroen.

The interior is different Old acquaintances The Advanced Comfort seats of the brand, along with the suspension of progressive hydraulic shock absorbers, have been one of the main features of recent years. However, the comfort that Citroën has historically aspired to is compromised, in the case of the C4 X, by the design decision.

We mean a sharp drop in the last part of the body, which prevents people over 1.80 meters tall from getting their heads in the back seats on the roof, even though the backrest is more inclined than normal. The distance between the legs is satisfactory (almost 20 cm to the front seat), and the width may be sufficient to move, possibly two adult – not so high – sides and a child in the center.

Beyond the distinctive volume of the trunk, cloudy – as always in the sedan – with a narrow load mouth, the car has excellent storage capacity. A total of 16 compartments, open or closed, add a capacity of 39 liters in the passenger compartment.

Among them is large Hits From the C4, such as the Smart Pad Support, a removable system that integrates directly into the dashboard and is designed to support the tablet. Under this stand we find a huge pillow sliding tray that combines a special sliding surface to make it easier and safer to store fragile personal items. And further down is the glove box itself, which also opens very smoothly.

The C4 X has up to 20 advanced management systems, some of which guarantee safety, while others simply make life more enjoyable for the user. Among them are A. head-up display Color, rear view camera, keyless entry and start, parking assistants, uphill and blind spot monitoring, automatic electric parking brakes, side parking sensors and trailer stability control, the latter not available in the electric version.

Wind in Vilaverde’s favor

The arrival of the C4 X is good news for the Vilaverde plant in Madrid, which tried until the C4 went into production. As factory director Suzana Remacha thought a few weeks ago, the new model involves organizing a third shift that will employ about 400 people and allow the production of about 450 cars a day.

Villaverde currently ships a total of 80,000 units per year, and the C4 X will be able to approach 150,000 units, which is the factory production threshold.

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