New Peugeot 508: sedan moves upmarket

Before becoming 100% electric, as early as 2025, the Peugeot 508 faces the last stage of its commercial journey, retooling to continue to maintain its position in the sedan segment. In general, the French model takes its level of refinement and technology to the maximum level, and the available versions are closer in appearance and equipment to the exclusive 508 PSE, an all-new 360 hp plug-in hybrid.

As an example, we find that the color Selenium Grey, exclusive to PSE until now, is now available across the range, which also features three other colors: Okenite White, Titanium Gray and Eclipse Blue. The car, as always sold in a family body, has specific alloy wheels and a Peugeot logo on the front, highlighted in basalt grey. Behind the emblem is a new high-definition camera for driving assistance systems.

The 508’s so-called lighting signature incorporates Matrix Led technology in three possible finishes. The optics are the best created by the Lion firm to date and have three-dimensional effects and welcome and farewell animations. To them were added three daytime running light claws characteristic of the brand.

At the rear, dynamic turn signals and the Peugeot mention in large letters between the headlights and highlighted in the same color as the front fender. A high-definition camera is new to facilitate parking maneuvers and a general view through it.

Inside the new 508, the customer will find a customizable instrument panel and a 10-inch central screen that houses the Peugeot i-Connect Advanced infotainment system. Wireless charging of mobile phones increases its power to 15 W, and the new ergonomic seats have the famous AGR certificate (German Association for Back Care), in addition to unprecedented upholstery – including one with nappa leather – and eight types of massage. Among other more common functions such as heating and ventilation.

The Peugeot i-Connect Advanced system, standard across the range, includes connected services, wireless mirroring available for two phones, voice commands and new USB ports for connecting various devices.

Using the MyPeugeot app, it is possible to perform actions such as pre-conditioning the cabin temperature, charge management in the case of plug-in hybrid versions, locking and unlocking the doors and remotely activating the lights and horn, in addition to receiving technical and maintenance services. Notifications, driving statistics. From November, the app will allow car alarms to be connected.

The 508 is offered with 130 horsepower petrol and diesel engines. Already available for plug-in hybrids, one with 225 HP and the other with PSE – 360, there is now a 180 HP variant approved for an electric range of 64 kilometers in the combined WLTP cycle and 73 km exclusively in cities. driving. The same result is achieved by the 225 HP model, and the most powerful model has its range limited to 52 km in electric mode.

A noteworthy aspect is that the trunk volume is the same in the combustion variants as in the plug-ins. The sedan model has 487 liters of seats in their normal position and 1537 when folded; In a family car, the figures increase to 530 and 1780 liters, respectively.

The range consists of Allure, GT and PSE finishes. The latter retains distinctive elements, notably its very striking Kryptonite-colored details, notably the brake calipers, 20-inch Exxar wheels and extended track width. The model also has an adaptive suspension, low clearance and thick stabilizer bars.

The 508 retails from €42,110 for the 130bhp petrol version and the Allure. Plug-in hybrids start at €51,100 for the new 180 HP version – also in Allure – and reach €70,060 for the PSE. Family or SW body increases the bill by 1200 euros.

Source: El Diario





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