Hyundai’s “Robotax” turns one year old with more than two million kilometers traveled

Autonomous taxi, or RobotaxCommissioned by Hyundai and Motional, it has just completed a year of service in the American city of Las Vegas. During this time, he traveled more than two million kilometers and more than 125,000 trips, in which he did not take responsibility for any accidents, although this did not prevent him from participating in traffic incidents.

Passengers of this service, which can be requested by various taxi platforms and Uber, seem to enjoy the experience, as more than 90% rated their trip with five stars. through A applicationCustomers can change some of the car’s settings, such as adjusting the climate system to their preferred temperature, before you pick them up.

Besides, Robotax Delivers food at home in Santa Monica, CA through Uber Eats. The city of Los Angeles will be the next setting for the service created by Hyundai and Motional, which is actually a joint venture between the Korean manufacturer and automotive supplier Aptiv.

These cars drive autonomously on certain routes along the famous Las Vegas strip. For the first year they do it with operators in the front seats, but by the end of 2023 they will start working without a person in the driver’s seat. For this purpose, a remote assistance system is being developed so that the employee can drive the car remotely when it stops due to a situation that it does not know how to handle.

These incidents are expected to occur less and less frequently, so much so that with the accumulation of trips, the machine learning system should improve its performance and learn from situations where it needed external help.

Of course, in the words of Greg Batrone, Motional’s chief engineer, “Right now, no matter how advanced these cars are and no matter how many scenarios they can handle, there’s always the possibility that they’ll be in a driving situation. They’ve never had the experience before.” tested, so the remote support process will remain active.”

In any case, project architects are working on the proposal Career Increasingly efficient, safe and adaptable to all conditions, both traffic and weather. For example, an autonomous taxi service has started to be provided even at night. Cars use a sophisticated suite of sensors to navigate, including more than 30 cameras, radar and lidars Provided with multiple detection modalities.

Thus, high-resolution cameras have the ability to distinguish between objects in the vehicle’s path and structures in the background. Other sensors work well in low or variable light conditions, and radars use radio waves to do so See Objects through fog, smoke and dust. Unlike human drivers, autonomous vehicles have full 360-degree vision and can recognize what is happening around them up to 300 meters away, even in the dark.

No night trouble

These unmanned vehicles use advanced artificial intelligence algorithms and models to integrate all the data from their sensors into a virtual image of their environment. This image is then used to plot a safe course. After many night tests, autonomous technology Robotax It has been shown to work just as well at night as during the day. The company that manages it has not seen an increase in corrections, detours or sudden braking, which reduce the safety and comfort of the routes.

The vehicle serving Las Vegas is based on the Ioniq 5, one of Hyundai’s 100% electric models, and incorporates SAE Level 4 autonomous driving technology, allowing it to operate without a driver. The Korean firm is betting on it primarily for safety, as it will significantly improve the safety of our roads by eliminating accidents caused by human error, thereby saving millions of lives.

Another advantage of autonomous vehicles, always according to Hyundai, is that they provide a more accessible, affordable and reliable form of transportation for all citizens.

Source: El Diario





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