Jeep Avenger 100 CV Test: Born under a lucky star

In the days since we first tested the Avenger, Jeep announced that the youngest in its range had reached 40,000 orders in Europe since its launch in April. More than 40% of these bookings correspond to the all-electric version of the model, which is the only one sold in most markets on the continent.

We also have a variant with a 100bhp petrol engine and a six-speed manual transmission which, given its prices and competition, is sure to enjoy a lucky commercial life. Less than 21,300 euros for the basic version (which reaches 26,200 for the most equipped, called Summit) allows us to make such a prediction, if we add to the economic argument the undeniable attractiveness of the Avenger’s body, its compact dimensions – currently one of the. The most requested – and other features that we will now go through.

Just over four meters long, baby jeep It pairs with the Renegade in the highly competitive small SUV segment. Of course, it exhibits a clearly differentiated aesthetic and, at the same time, is identifiable at a glance as a Jeep, thanks primarily to the brand’s distinctive design elements, such as the emblematic seven-slot grille and a general air that recalls the scale. , that new Grand Cherokee.

The Avenger’s grace, in our opinion, comes from combining the SUV’s rugged good looks with reduced proportions, further enhanced by short front and rear overhangs and large wheels mounted on a 16- to 18-inch diagonal.

There are also original design details that are sure to please young users, such as the turn signals, the sound of which can only be described very well. alive and various Easter eggs Scattered across the body, it shows the silhouette of a child looking at the stars through a telescope (front window), the profile of the mountain around Turin (back window) or the lady we can see on the right side of the carved band. roof.

For those who like excursions end of the road It is good for them to know that they have a clearance of 20 centimeters in their favor and characteristic angles that also help, 20 degrees for attack and ventral angles and 32 for exit. The car has a descent control system and, depending on the version, a driving mode selector that adds to the usual programs (Eco, Normal and Sport) other specific programs for driving in mud, sand or snow.

While we wait to drive the 100% electric Avenger in detail, we had the opportunity to test drive its petrol version, which pleasantly surprised us with its 100 horses. It’s true that the 1250 kilograms on the scale allowed us to predict that there would be enough power to get a satisfactory response from the engine, but we’d be lying if we said we expected that much from it.

The push is particularly satisfying if we choose the normal driving mode, ideal for everyday urban life and especially in sport, which extracts all available juice without penalizing consumption. And Eco slows down the car’s reactions too much, which is why we don’t recommend it except for very quiet use.

The light weight of this combustion Avenger and the refinement of the engine result in a very moderate fuel consumption, averaging less than 6 litres/100 km. The lightness and compact dimensions, in turn, give the model quickness and quickness of reactions, which stands out both in urban and road traffic, and is accompanied by a very comfortable suspension.

Fun and modern interior

In the cabin we find the same modern, happy and casual character that defines the exterior and even greater, if possible, if the central part of the dashboard is chosen in the yellow color of the test unit (Sol). Above it floats the 10.25-inch screen of the multimedia system – now equipped with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto – and below is a drawer where we can place many objects and whose rough surface prevents them from falling. Move, except in sudden maneuvers.

Gone in this petrol version is the hooded space of the electric Avenger, replaced by a manual gear lever, drive mode selector and electric parking brake button. Prepared for wireless charging of mobile phones. The lever works smoothly and does not have long movements, although the handle is too large for our taste.

As for cargo capacity, this thermal variant is several liters ahead of the electric one: 380 (compared to 355), which becomes 1000 when we fold the backs of the rear seats.

The most critical aspect of the Avenger is in the rear seats, where passengers of certain heights don’t have much room to comfortably place their legs, although they do have plenty of headroom. This is not something that can surprise us in a car that is only four meters long, but it should be noted that we should not be misled by the type of SUV we have chosen, or rather the size.

Source: El Diario





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