Environmentalists and car dealers agree to demand that used electric cars be included in Moves

It’s not often that an environmental organization and a business organization align in their views on an automotive issue. It is therefore worth noting that the National Association of Automobile Dealers and Repairers (Ganvam) has agreed with the Transport and Environment (T&E) Unit to request that the government, who have used electric vehicles for a period of up to 36 months, can get help from the displacement plan. .

Both institutes have shown that this measure can help make electric cars “a more affordable option for citizens” and accelerate the transition to the long-awaited zero-emission mobility.

As is known, the program for efficient and sustainable mobility (Moves) aims to stimulate the purchase of electric vehicles and strengthen the charging infrastructure in Spain. In the middle of last March, the government under the presidency of Pedro Sánchez announced that it had distributed around 674 million euros among the autonomous communities, which are responsible for the final use of the incentives.

In this regard, Ganvam and T&E noted that “following Moncloa’s recent confirmation that it will support the secondary program in the next edition of Moves,” they have sent to the administration their proposal to increase the effectiveness of the plan, which, “to date, it aims to minority of buyers.”

According to the environmental organization, models less than three years old represent 65% of all used electric car sales, which is why it believes that if their purchase is encouraged, it will help make the electric car “a viable option for most people renting”, which in turn will have a positive effect on the rejuvenation of the car park and its electrification.

We remind you that the average age of vehicles in our country increased again in 2021 and reached 13.49 years, as stated in the latest annual report prepared by the Spanish Association of Automobile and Truck Manufacturers (Anfac). Consequently, Spain has one of the oldest parks in Europe, exceeding the average age of the continent, which is 11.5 years.

Increase sales

Ganvam’s corporate director, Jaime Barea, told news agency Europa Press that “a state-of-the-art electric car with maximum incentives is around 40,000 euros, while a three-year-old model can be 50% cheaper.” less”. By including the latter type of vehicle in the mobility plan, “sales will increase, the achievement of goals will be accelerated and a fair transition from an economic and social point of view will be guaranteed.”

For her part, T&E director in Spain, Isabel Bushell, emphasized that twice as many used cars are sold in the country as new ones, so she believes that including 100% electric used cars up to 36 months old. “This could be a turning point in the car park’s transition to a zero-emission vehicle,” says Moves.

Source: El Diario





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