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Sales of electrified vehicles rose more than 70% in March

Sales of electrified vehicles achieved a notable increase of 70.4% in the month of March, totaling 11,690 units. The Anfac manufacturers’ association statistics include electric and plug-in hybrid models in this category and include cars, quads, commercial and industrial vehicles and buses.

Registrations of zero and low emission vehicles (electric, hybrid and gas) increased by 73.1% in the month, with 42,815 units sold. Unlike previous months, sales of alternative models were the second purchase option for Spaniards, after gasoline, reaching a market share of 36.82%.

In its statement, Anfac emphasizes that although these figures improve on the same period of the previous year, the volume of sales of electrified vehicles still accounts for only 10% of the total market. A figure which, despite the strong growth of the general market, remains a share well below the European average.

Deliveries of net electric vehicles increased by 63.1% in March, equivalent to 5,684 registered units. These models represent 4.83% of the market share per month. Overall, its vehicle sales totaled 13,878 units, up 62.7% from the same period in 2022. The cumulative share of the year is 4.95%.

As for plug-in hybrids, which, like their predecessors, feature a 0 emission label, their supply increased by 78% to 6,006 registered units. In their case, the market share in March is 5.17%, and in total 14,953 units are collected, which is 41.5% more compared to the same month last year. The cumulative quota for 2023 is 5.33%.

On the other hand, sales of hybrids associated with the eco environmental badge saw a 74.3% increase in March, with 29,199 units registered. They represent 25.11% of the market share per month. Overall, sales of these vehicles totaled 73,143 units, up 53.8%, with a total share of 26.08% in 2023.

Focused exclusively on passenger car sales, electrified, hybrid and gas vehicle sales increased by 71.2% compared to March 2022 to a total of 40,698 units, representing 40.89% of the market.

Looking at electrified models alone, their sales were up 60.6% in March, with 10,277 deliveries. Battery electrics increased 39.9% to 4,322 units, and plug-in hybrids increased 80.1% to 5,955 units. In March, sales of electrified passenger cars accounted for 10.3% of the market share.

A pace that needs to be quickened

Although electrified passenger cars will be registered for another month, both the volume and the pace of sales are far below the required targets, the manufacturers’ association emphasized. In order to meet the commitments made to reduce emissions, the electrified market needs to reach 190,000 units sold this year, but at today’s pace the national market is slightly above 100,000 registrations.

José López-Tafal, Director General of Anfac, noted that “for another month, the electrified market is growing. Maintaining the upward trend is positive, but it is necessary to increase the sales volume to make it a buying reality for citizens. Electrified once again reached 10% of total sales, well below the 21% average already achieved in other European countries.

“Spain must accelerate towards the electrified car in order not to miss this race,” he continued. The government has already delivered on its commitment, but now it needs to implement speed-oriented measures, with the help of procurement, the development of publicly accessible charging infrastructure and taxation, which are incentives and incentives to make the electrified car more accessible to citizens. .

For the rest, the month of March was distinguished by car sales in our country. For the first time since the start of the 2020 pandemic, up to 100,000 vehicles were registered in one month; Namely, 99,524 units, which represents a 66.1% increase compared to the same period last year.

Source: El Diario





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