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The final touch to the Tonale range is the addition of 280 hp in the hybrid version

The introduction of a plug-in hybrid version rounds out the Alfa Romeo Tonale range, which has until now been available in diesel and petrol micro-hybrid variants. In this way, the Italian firm took its first steps in the world of electrification, while trying to preserve the sporting DNA that made it famous after its appearance in 1910.

Since arriving at dealerships in January, the Tonale plug-in hybrid (PHEV) has since climbed to fifth place among the best-selling models in its segment, mid-size SUVs and. premium. According to brand data, it also garners 7.7% market share in the same category.

Given Alfa’s path towards electrification as a whole, this Tonale paves the way for the first 100% electric version of the Milanese manufacturer’s model in the coming years, 2024 and its first. Electric parent after a year. From 2027, all new cars in its range will be powered only by batteries.

The Tonale PHEV is powered by a 180 PS, 1.3-liter, four-cylinder, turbocharged gasoline engine mated to a six-speed automatic transmission that powers the front axle. Added to this is an electric motor capable of delivering 90kW of peak power and 250Nm of torque to the rear axle, for a total of 280bhp and four-wheel power.

As for the lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 15.5 kWh, it allows you to travel more than 60 kilometers in the WLTP combined cycle and about 80 exclusively in urban traffic. Its full charge operation takes less than 2.5 hours using the car’s 7.4kW charger.

Thanks to its 280 CV, the plug-in hybrid becomes the most powerful and high-performance in the Tonale range. It can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.2 seconds and 135 km/h in fully electric mode, while it reaches 206 km/h in hybrid mode. The feeling of power generated by acceleration is enhanced by the all-wheel drive system: as the electric motor instantly sends 100% of its torque, the rear axle reacts as soon as you step on the accelerator pedal.

Compared to what happens in versions Soft hybrid, the plug-in control mode selector has its own peculiarity. the so-called Advanced Efficiency is reserved here for 100% electric operation; The natural, which is somewhat difficult in light hybrids, in this case offers a more lively response and the sport summons many available horses, with which the performance improves many integrity and stands with what is traditionally expected from Alfa Romeo.

As always with its technology-equipped models, the Tonale PHEV has an E-Save function to charge or maintain the battery’s charge level when the internal combustion engine is engaged. The regenerative braking system in turn recovers energy during the deceleration and braking phases and stores it for later use. Through another function, E-Coasting, energy regeneration is activated even when decelerating without braking.

reasonable consumption

The approved consumption of this version is about 1.3 liters/100 km, data obtained in relatively artificial conditions imposed by the WLTP protocol. The other thing, as we all know, is the actual driving, during which records of 6 to 8 L/100 km are achieved, depending on the route profile and battery charge level. We were able to confirm this during an intensive test day in which we covered almost 400 kilometers with the Tonale.

Seen from the outside, this version stands out for its presence biscione (Snake) on Alfa’s rear windows and twin chrome exhausts adorning the rear. Among the things that remain hidden from view, we highlight the specific calibration of the suspension and steering, the dynamic torque vectoring system and the Q4 all-wheel drive.

As the top-of-the-line model, the Tonale PHEV is sold in just two of Alfa’s most commonly equipped versions: the Ti, for those looking for a more elegant and distinctive character, and the Veloce, which is more performance-oriented. . Alongside its launch, a special edition is also being offered with exclusive features, both in terms of equipment and technology load, priced at €51,000. The Veloce version (from €56,000) is also available for €399 per month with a very common type of loan today. Bubble.

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