New Citroën C4 X: the sedan is back

One of the signs that may indicate the saturation of the market by SUV bodies is that more and more models are presented that explore other aesthetic paths and even return to the sedan format, properly revised. In the Stellantis group, we have two current examples of this trend: the Peugeot 408 and the Citroën C4 X.

Each in its own way, both combine elements of the three vehicle types. The general lines are a classic sedan, the roof drop refers to a Quick returnAnd big wheels and plastic fenders are the inevitable toll that seems to be forced to pay for the ubiquitous SUVs of today. The Citroën model even respects the central element of traditional sedans, such as the trunk with a roof instead of a door.

The C4 X, on the other hand, is an elongated version of the C4 and, like it, is built at the Villaverde plant in Madrid. At 4.60 meters long, 24 centimeters longer, it has an additional third hull that gives rise to a typical trunk that gains volume but loses practicality due to the difficulty of access. The capacity itself goes from 380 to 510 liters, a circumstance that can tempt not only the most traditional users, but also taxi or VTC drivers.

Citroën has high hopes for the latter, although for now the good sales figures for the new model come from private customers, as the taxi approval process in cities like Madrid has not yet been completed.

The data provided by the brand show other curiosities, the biggest of which is that the C4 X collects a higher percentage of orders for the 100% electric version than the regular C4: no less than 45%, 41% for gasoline models and. 14% diesel.

We remind you that the car is sold in Spain in both internal combustion versions and fully electric ë-C4 X. The first is equipped with a 100 CV gasoline engine with a six-speed manual transmission, or a 130 CV engine. It is mated to an EAT8 automatic transmission, as well as the latter’s power diesel unit and the same gear change.

As for the ë-C4 X, it has the famous scheme consisting of a 136 hp electric motor and a 50 kW battery that offers a theoretical range of 360 kilometers. Citroën sources said that at an as yet unspecified time, it will join the consortium’s new powerhouse, a 156bhp, 54kWh engine, with a range of over 400km.

The same sources confirmed that “sooner rather than later”, a new mild hybrid system will also arrive or Soft hybrid of Stellantis, published as it will be available in, for example, the Peugeot 3008 and 5008.

Except for the interior of the type Lounge and with the downward line of the roof, which is emphasized in the last section of the body, Quick return de Citroën presents other distinctive elements. Among them, a trunk that maintains its capacity in all versions, a 10-inch central screen inherited from its older brother – the C5 X, a total of 20 vehicles and the ability to have Header display in color The electric version has a heat pump to avoid energy loss when heating or cooling the passenger compartment.

Of course, from the C4 it gets the Advanced Comfort seats, which are provided with a soft and durable cushion, plus the suspension, which is equipped with hydraulic progressive dampers as standard.

More than “Made in Spain”

The presentation of the C4 X gave us the opportunity to learn more about its components and their origins. The car is not only assembled in a Spanish factory, but 67% of its parts are produced in our country. Each unit includes Madrid, Galicia, Aragon, Cantabria, the Basque Country, Navarre, Castile and Leon, Castilla-La Mancha, La Rioja, Catalonia and the Community of Valencia. Likewise, 97% of the components are of European origin.

In total, 136 Spanish companies and suppliers, as well as 26 provinces from 11 autonomous communities, provide elements for the production of the C4 X. As for Villaverde, it receives 130 trucks daily from almost every corner of the national geography.

The model is sold from 22,785 euros with 100 CV petrol version and Feel finish. The ë-C4 X with the same finish starts at €36,184. together package It premieres 2 times from Citroën, both currently available for 215 euros per month.

Source: El Diario





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