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The new face of the king of the compact segment, Corolla

Few, if any, cars can be said to have reached 12 generations and sold 50 million units worldwide for over 56 years. The best thing is that with some ups and downs in the past, the Toyota Corolla, the author of such records, continues to be healthy, as shown by the results achieved in Spain last year: more than 16,000 vehicles delivered and no less than 19. , a 6% market share in its segment, That’s the equivalent of claiming that one in five compact cars sold that year was a Corolla.

As in the previous version of the model, two power options of hybrid technology are offered, which was first included – in the Corolla – in 2010 and now reaches its fifth generation. The one using the 1.8 petrol engine now delivers 140 CV, the one associated with the 2.0 engine reaches 196 CV and both benefit from a series of improvements that seek to improve both the performance of the car and the subjective experience behind the wheel.

Among the changes are a new design of the power management unit and transmission, together with a more powerful lithium-ion battery and a tighter calibration of the assembly, which aims, in particular, to obtain a greater connection between the use that forces the driver to press the accelerator pedal and the resulting actual acceleration. .

This is one of the aspects that has traditionally made hybrid drivetrains in general, and Toyota in particular, look ugly, which is why special efforts have been made to improve the driving experience at this particular moment. According to those responsible for the brand, the new Corolla achieves the same acceleration as the previous model at a lower speed of 500 revolutions per minute, which leads to a reduction in noise levels.

Thanks to the changes introduced, the 140bhp version can accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in 9.1 seconds, 1.8 seconds less than the previous Corolla, and has average CO2 emissions of 99g/km. The most powerful model takes just 7.4 seconds to reach 100 km/h and barely beats its little brother’s emissions of 103 g/km.

Toyota has revised the components of the hybrid system to reduce its size and weight, which will contribute to the overall efficiency of the vehicle. In particular, the battery is now 14% more powerful and 14% lighter, and its operation is quieter.

Another major improvement of the new generation is the new predictive system, which has the ability to learn the points at which the driver usually brakes during a normal journey, and this not only advises him to take his foot off the accelerator when he sees fit, but also increases the braking force on its own to achieve more More energy regeneration.

News in the field of security

All Corollas except the Fleet Channel come standard with a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster and 10.5-inch center display, as well as wireless connectivity with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto and over-the-air updates.

Among the abundant safety equipment stands out the Proactive Driving Assistance System, which includes various protections when driving at low speeds, such as in urban centers. Another rare device notifies the user when he is about to get out of a car that has left something or someone behind. forgotten on the back seats.

As usual, the iconic Japanese model is available in five-door, estate and sedan bodies, pending an SUV variant – the Corolla Cross, which will be considered a separate model and is expected to arrive in a few months. The sedan can only carry a 140-horsepower hybrid engine and hatchback And Touring Sports supports different combinations depending on the version.

There will be a total of seven finishes in our country: the two most basic and fleet-oriented (Eco and Business), the intermediate Active Plus, Style and Style Plus, another exclusive for the Spanish market called Style Edition and, finally. Assortment, sports GR Sport.

The Style Edition versions have chrome exterior trims, sports seats with black trim, two USB Type-C sockets on the rear seats and special air vents for the same seats, which is a novelty for the five-door body.

As for the GR Sport finish, it can be requested as an option short And familiar, as well as a hybrid system of 140 or 196 CV. More powerful units can choose the Premium equipment level and equip the AVS piloted suspension, which is intended for users who lack sporty handling.

Corolla starting prices are 24,850 euros, which is what the model costs hatchback 140 CV Active Plus finish, €26,450 for the Touring Sports in the same finish and €26,300 for the Sedan in Style finish. There is a 1,000 euro discount on purchase financing, the Easy Plus and Easy Complete service packages cost 800 and 1,435 euro respectively.

With Toyota Easy Plus, the same Corolla from the previous paragraph comes out for 175 euros per month. For those who prefer rentThe letter amounts to 364 euros plus VAT per month.

The new model has accumulated 6,600 orders since it went on sale in September. The brand’s goal for 2023 points to a total of 18,000 units between the three bodies. The deliveries that will make these records possible will begin in the coming days.

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