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Range Rover: The king of luxury is still fighting for the throne

In its fifth generation and more than 50 years old, the Range Rover raises the bar on its usual supremacy among luxury SUVs. A select part of the market in which nuance is as important as staging. There is no doubt that the new Range Rover remains true to its roots while embracing modernity with an exterior and interior design characterized by a harmony of proportions, surfaces and lines. Prepared for any situation, it combines comfort and tranquility with features that offer a unique experience and first-class travel for four, five or, for the first time, seven passengers in total comfort.

Taking this frame as a general definition, it is worth considering in detail the number of innovations of the new model, which is built on an unprecedented aluminum platform that is 50% more rigid. Although we already warn that for the length of this article, it is difficult to name them: the extended version, without exaggeration, will give a small book. And what happens when you look at the photos is that this latest Range Rover takes the philosophy of modernist design and quality to another level, combining comfort and tranquility with presence and sophistication.

From the front to the innovative interpretation of its characteristic profile, a sense of continuity is maintained, emphasized by the low roof line, clean surfaces, the harmony of proportions, its expression, the repetition of ornaments on the front doors or on the waistline. Relatively low combined with black contrasting pillars and roof. Not to mention its shell-like hood, one of the most iconic features of the Range Rover’s shape since the 1970s.

But don’t let the trees hide the forest: the camouflaged LED taillights work better, the shoulders that run along the cabin are more pronounced, and most importantly, the wheel arches cover the incredible 23-inch wheels (fitted for the first time in a Range Rover). Where the change is obvious and easy to spot is at the rear. The vertical optics at the ends now have a perimeter trim that ties them together as if they were a single element finished in gloss black, where the indicators are integrated. And you will like it more or less, but the truth is that it closes the body, which goes more or less wide (2.05 meters between the mirrors). Not to mention the practical two-piece tailgate with box function.

Modern inside and out

If it is amazing from the outside, the few who have the opportunity to inhabit it have never seen the experience before. Its interior features intuitive and state-of-the-art technologies designed to adapt harmoniously to surfaces and materials. The door handles protrude from the body and act as a means of activating the assisted opening of the door. Closing from the inside is equally motorized, and when the passenger compartment is sealed, it evokes a veritable sanctuary of calm.

A new level of well-being is offered in the atmosphere of the luxury SUV sector. With the filtration of PM 2.5 particles – which significantly reduces unpleasant odors and viruses – only Kvadrat or Ultrafabrics fabrics and the aroma of real wood take center stage. In the center console, the design of two separate screens has been abandoned to replace it with a 13.1 center one that seems to float on the furniture. It is the largest Range Rover built to date.

The instruments are in turn presented on another fully adjustable TFT screen, behind the newly designed steering wheel, with two speakers and a greater sense of lightness. Brand new is haptic access to controls for the air conditioning, transmission and control of the suspension and driving assistance systems, which return physical confirmation when they are engaged, even if the key as such does not appear to be present. Touchscreens are also installed for passengers in the second row, and in the case of a four-seater configuration, an additional center allows you to fully control some comfort-oriented features, such as extendable and heated legs, or the opening of a small refrigerator, the size of which logically fits a bottle of sparkling wine and two glasses.

The feeling of seeing and touching goes further with what is heard, or rather, unheard. First of all, the third-generation Active Road Noise Cancellation system monitors wheel vibration, tire noise and engine noise heard in the cabin and generates a cancellation signal that is emitted by the system’s 35 speakers. In each headrest, a pair of small speakers create “individual quiet zones”. And the set behaves like high-end headphones.

But beware, because the more traditional air suspension also contributes to the sci-fi nuanced comfort. The Range Rover and its level of sophistication go hand in hand with the time spent on its development. Linked to eHorizon’s navigation data, Dynamic Response Pro can predict body movement in relation to the track, containing maximum body movements that are nearly 1.90 meters tall and measure over five meters in “short”. configuration while allowing passengers to enjoy long journeys in complete harmony.

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