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DS continues to climb into “premium” positions based on its electrification strategy

At a slow but steady pace, the French brand DS is increasing its gap in the always difficult segment premium, where big German brands dominate. In a market context that decreased by 4.4% (until December 1) compared to 2021, and where even these prestigious producers fell by 2.9 percentage points, the firm of the Stellantis group managed to increase the supply by more than 22%.

In November, 4,359 units were sold, which is 3.4% of the market. premiumAwaiting the close of the year Sprint final in which he hopes to get close to 5,000 deliveries. With this, he would confirm the sixth position in the ranking segment, one higher than at the end of last year.

One of the keys to these positive results is the increasing electrification of the DS range, which actually intends to gradually reduce the combustion versions of its catalogue. For example, your DS 9 is no longer sold in its 225bhp petrol variant these days and will only be offered in 250bhp and 360bhp plug-in hybrids.

Of the more than 4,350 vehicles delivered by December 1, 1,724 correspond to models considered low or very low emissions (LEV its acronym in English). That means almost 40% of DS’s deliveries are pure electric vehicles or plug-in hybrids, known inside and outside the home as the E-Tense.

The brand’s average emissions of 94.7 grams of CO2 per kilometer driven are the second lowest on the market. premiumOnly, and for obvious reasons, it beats Tesla, which only produces pure electric cars on the market.

Model-wise, the newly updated DS 7 has the highest share of LEV versions. 63% of their orders combine one of the three available hybrid engines (225, 300 and 360 CV), a percentage that is 37% in the case of the DS 4 and 11% if we talk about the DS 3. Of which the only E-Tense variant is 100% electric.

The latter, by the way, expects relevant news in the near future. As the head of Stellantis Premium Cluster, Borja Sekulits, said at the traditional Christmas meeting with the media, the consortium’s new electric engine developing 156 CV and which will also be installed in the Peugeot e-208 will be launched in a few months. In the youngest DS and e-308 and the electric Opel Astra, among other models. In addition to more power, this drive scheme offers more autonomy (more than 400 km) thanks to a battery with a capacity of 54 kWh.

As for the brand’s flagship DS 9, it currently has 74% of LEV orders, but with the scrapping of its sole combustion version, the percentage will clearly increase to 100%.

A growing business network

Since 2014, DS has deployed a network of 35 dealers to promote its product to the public, and this number will increase to 40 within the next year. At the same time, it is ready to increase sales. onlineWe think of buyers who are familiar with this type of operation and who do not feel the need for it Look and touch His car, as it was until recently.

In addition, and to increase customer loyalty, the brand maintains its commitment to the Only You Privilege Program, which includes a portfolio of exclusive services and access to a range of experiences – especially culinary and cultural – aimed at creating. A DS user feels special.

During 2023, around 50 experiences will be implemented, including the most recent one, which offers a two-night stay in a five-star hotel in Paris. transfer From the airport in DS 9, a private visit to the Louvre and dinner in a luxury restaurant €200 per person, flights separately.

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